Save money with one of our electric cars today!

rentE provides eco-friendly shift-based rental cars for private hire drivers. We offer 100% electric cars from just £250/week which includes charging and insurance. Our fleet is available in registered with Wolverhampton, Birmingham and London councils and all have private hire (PCO) insurance. All you need is to have completed on-boarding and have a private hire driver licence.

1. Register

Do you have an Uber account? Are you over 25? Register today for the cheapest rentals on the market

2. Unlock

At the start of a booking simply find your car in our Small Heath parking lot and unlock it using the rentE app

3. Drive

Our all-inclusive package includes charging and 3000 miles per month

Register now and start booking cars with rentE to make more money on your next Uber drive.

After you register you will hear back from one of our team within 24hrs.